pensive man leaning head against hand against window needs anxiety treatment

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Treatment During COVID-19 During coronavirus quarantine, many employers are either having employees work remotely or stay home until restrictions are lifted. This can make it difficult to continue enjoying hobbies and spending time with friends, especially if your social life involves going out. Staying at home for prolonged periods can also cause symptoms of…

woman with thousand yard stare on couch needs depression treatment

Depression Treatment

Depression Treatment and Recovery During a Pandemic Each day is filled with new developments with COVID-19. If you’re like many other people, you’re watching every news report to learn more about this illness. There’s plenty of worry about your friends and family members, especially if they’re at-risk of getting the disease. It’s enough to make…

woman holding head distressed at the beginning of the benzo withdrawal timeline

What Benzo Withdrawal Timeline Can You Expect?

The benzo withdrawal symptoms timeline can take a year to run its course. Benzo detox and rehab programs are essential to recovery. Drug cravings are just some of the many psychological symptoms you can experience during withdrawal. Psychological symptoms make it difficult to stay sober when you haven’t received cognitive behavioral therapy. Drug addiction treatment…