man on bench during alcohol awareness month

Recognizing Alcohol Awareness Month 2019

An alcohol use disorder isn’t just something that happens to other people. Rather, many good people are currently struggling with the condition. Alcohol Awareness Month creates an opportunity for communication, soul-searching, and honesty. How will you spend this month? April is Alcohol Awareness Month Organizers of Alcohol Awareness Month 2019 point out that one in…

woman considering participating in national drug take back day

What Is National Drug Takeback Day 2019?

Did you know that what fuels America’s prescription abuse crisis isn’t always the dealer in the alley? Sometimes, it’s the friend or family member with the well-stocked medicine cabinet. National Drug Takeback Day lets you be part of the solution. Here’s how it works. April 27 is National Drug Takeback Day in 2019 National Drug…