a woman struggling to get out of bed while dealing with dual diagnosis

Coping with a Dual Diagnosis: Tips from the Experts

You, or a family member, may be among the millions of people with “dual diagnosis”—simultaneous substance-abuse problems and mental illness. People with post-traumatic stress disorder, clinical depression, anxiety disorders, or other mental health disorders are particularly vulnerable to falling into addiction via the attempted-self-medication route. What do treatment professionals and mental-health experts say that can…

Woman feeling down sitting on a couch thinking about drug overdose symptoms

Recognizing Drug Overdose Symptoms

Recognizing the signs of a drug overdose can save someone’s life. A person can overdose on illicit drugs or prescription medication. Drug overdose symptoms may vary, depending on the substance the individual has consumed. It is always safer to seek medical attention for someone who may have overdosed. Those who overdose as a result of…