a young woman thinking about alcohol and mental health

Alcohol and Your Mental Health

In the short-term, using alcohol can improve your sense of relaxation and mood and reduce certain kinds of anxiety, like social anxiety. In the long-term, however, the relationship between alcohol and mental health quickly turns negative, being responsible for a range of issues from depression and memory loss to suicide. People who seek help with…

a woman concerned about her loved one's behavioral addictions

Understanding Behavioral Addictions

One can have many kinds of addictions, not just addiction to drugs or substances. Behavioral addictions can be equally debilitating, and they can affect the quality of life of the addict. In theory, people can get addicted to many seemingly healthy habits to the point where they affect their productivity or daily life activities. They…

a group of friends meeting at a coffee during national recovery month

Get Involved with National Recovery Month

The National Recovery Month is celebrated in September each year. This month is a landmark period for stakeholders in the substance abuse and rehabilitation field, as they gather to raise awareness about recovery from substance use and addiction. During this period, the larger community is invited to learn more about addiction recovery and how best…

a man talking to his doctor about dual diagnosis treatment centers in Texas

Excellent Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Texas

Far too often, addiction problems become intertwined with psychological issues. This poses some unique challenges for the addict who decides to reach out for help. It also creates problems for the people who stand ready to offer that help. We direct your focus towards dual diagnosis treatment centers in Texas and the process of treating…