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a man suffering from co-occurring disorders

How to Treat Co-Occurring Disorders & Addiction

Mental health challenges can make an addiction problem worse. In some cases, they can cause one. In others, a drug can bring an underlying disorder to the forefront. What do you need to know about treating co-occurring disorders? Understanding the Breadth of the Co-Occurring Disorders Spectrum When dealing with addiction and mental health issues at…

best houston opiate rehab clinic

Opioid Treatment Program in Houston, TX: Healing from Addiction

One of the most important things in life is to be able to live without pain and addiction. Opioid treatment programs in Houston, TX offer a variety of ways for you to heal from addiction and get your life back on track.  This blog post will go over some of the pros and cons that…

man holds pill capsule in hand with more pill capsules on the table in the background as he tries to determine if they're vyvanse vs adderall

What’s the Different Between Vyvanse & Adderall?

People who have been diagnosed with ADHD are usually treated with stimulant medication such as Vyvanse or Adderall. These medications are also oftentimes abused by people who want to feel the effects of a stimulant. When this occurs, a prescription drug detox program in Kemah TX is necessary for the person to withdraw safely and find healing….

a group of friends meeting at a coffee during national recovery month

Get Involved with National Addiction Recovery Month

The National Recovery Month is celebrated in September each year. This month is a landmark period for stakeholders in the substance abuse and rehabilitation field, as they gather to raise awareness about recovery from substance use and addiction. During this period, the larger community is invited to learn more about addiction recovery and how best…

daughter mother and grandmother talking about addiction, how to talk to family about addiction

How To Talk To Family About Addiction Treatment

How To Talk To Family About Addiction Treatment Deciding to get help is such a huge step, and you should be proud of yourself. The first step is informing your loved ones about what you are going through. On that account, you might be wondering how to talk to family about addiction. Well, here are…

A girl wondering how long does it take to detox

How Long Does It Take to Detox

In the recovery community, detox refers to the detoxification process as an individual rids their body of drugs or alcohol. When detoxing from these addictive substances, you will experience withdrawal symptoms that can make this detoxification process particularly challenging. You may want to know the answer to “How long does it take to detox?”  …

What is Step 6 of the 12 Steps Program?

Step Six of the 12 Steps: We were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character. “All these defects of character” refers to, of course, all the “wrongs” that came out privately in Step Four and were confessed in Step Five of the 12 Steps. In the relief of getting things out in…

man and therapist discussing trauma therapy program Texas as part of trauma informed therapy

What to Look for in a Trauma Therapy Program in Texas

Overcoming trauma is difficult, but there are ways to make the healing process easier. If you approach it with the right mindset and equip yourself with the proper resources, then you greatly increase your chances of success. However, in order to do that, you should find a treatment facility that offers trauma-informed therapy and trauma-focused…

a girl passed out on a couch and a teen facing the risk factors for addiction

Recovery is Possible Even With High Risk Factors for Addiction

Some of the more obvious risk factors for addiction are maintaining a lifestyle of recreationally using substances known to cause dependence and addiction. Other risk factors are not as obvious but can prove life-altering. Self-medicating for untreated mental or emotional health issues and pain are just as risky and can leave anyone in the grasp…

woman dressed as leprechaun ready to have a sober st patricks day

Having a Happy and Sober St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day was originally a religious holiday, but in modern times, many people have focused heavily on the drinking aspect of the holiday. Though there’s nothing wrong with a boisterous St. Patrick’s Day party, the drinking culture that surrounds the holiday can make things tough for people in recovery. If you want to have…

Psychoeducational Groups for Addiction

When someone is dealing with an addiction, it’s difficult for them to step outside themselves to see what’s happening. It’s not uncommon for addicts to just not understand they have an addiction and why it happened. This would certainly account for why some people are reluctant to seek treatment. For the one’s tentatively willing to…

doctors looking at a pill bottle, science behind addiction

The Science Behind Addiction

The Science Behind Addiction The science behind addiction involves a condition where something that was once pleasurable becomes indispensable to your daily life. Drug addiction is an overwhelming desire, uncontrollable use, and then compulsive use. Addiction also includes continuing to use a drug despite any repeated or harmful consequences. People use drugs for many reasons….