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If you or a family member is struggling with addiction let the professionals at Kemah Palms help you heal. We combine the most comprehensive evidence-based treatment with personalized service to treat the mind, body, and spirit. This holistic approach addresses the underlying issues at the root of addiction, rather than stately medicating symptoms away.

At Kemah Palms Recovery, our goal is to create an integrated holistic approach that is extensive and life-changing. We aim to give each individual client the best opportunities for long-term recovery and a sober, healthy life by working at both the emotional level to uncover the core issues causing the addiction or co-occurring disorder, and also at the practical level to create coping skills and a clear life plan. A choice of addiction treatment modalities facilitates an integrated, successful recovery.

Our commitment to excellence is evidenced by our treatment programs, which are comprised of various diverse addiction treatment modalities facilitated by our skilled and compassionate staff. Each patient is assigned a physician, psychiatrist, and primary counselor, and this multidisciplinary team works together with a patient to develop an individualized treatment plan that helps the patient achieve their goals.

About Our Addiction Therapy Treatments

We are proud to offer our patients comprehensive addiction treatment options. Regardless of your particular situation, we have a treatment modality that matches your needs. The list of services ranges from evidence-based therapies to holistic modalities to recreational therapy. This helps our professional staff address all of a patient’s needs.

We offer our services for both residential patients and on an outpatient basis. For patients with chronic pain issues that might have led to addiction, we have a unique program. Using the renowned Dr. Flowers chronic pain recovery program, we can help patients deal with pain without addictive medications. Above all else, we have designed our addiction therapy services model to help you and other patients find recovery.

If you are dealing with an addiction and want help, you can get the best help possible at Kemah Palms Recovery. Using a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, we connect you with a treatment program that works. The most important step you can take is contacting Kemah Palms. Don’t let addiction ruin your life. Working together, there’s an excellent chance you can recover from your addiction. In the process, you will get the opportunity to live a good life without reliance on drugs and alcohol.

Addiction Treatment Modalities Available in Houston

The following are some of the proven-recovery methods and therapeutic processes that Kemah Palms Recovery integrates into a holistic approach for a personalized recovery treatment program:

  • Supervised withdrawal at our Houston detox center. Withdrawal is a harrowing experience for many recovering substance abusers, particularly those addicted to alcohol or heroin. Supervised detox keeps patients safe from temptation and withdrawal symptoms during the initial withdrawal period. Medical professionals recommend detox as opposed to quitting cold turkey.
  • Individual therapy. In individual therapy, the patient and a therapist use their sessions to discuss the psychological and social roots of addiction. The therapist guides the patient towards better coping skills and methods to overcome their addictive triggers.
  • Group therapy. In group therapy, a therapist leads a group of peers in discussing their addictions and how to overcome them. Group therapy has been key to addiction treatment modalities for decades, beginning with Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1930s. By sharing in each others experiences, group therapy patients grow together and work towards a mutual recovery.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment program for co-occurring mental health disorders. Without treating addiction, a mental health disorder could return thanks to the negative social effects of addiction. Without treating mental health disorders, a patient may relapse and returning to abusing a substance as a coping mechanism.

Our therapies, whether conducted individually or in groups, use a variety of methods. At Kemah Palms, our therapeutic addiction treatment modalities include:

Learn More About Our Life-Changing Addiction Therapy Services in Texas

Don’t let addiction or chronic pain stop you from living a productive life. At Kemah Palms Recovery, we provide support for your mind, your body and your spirit. Our professional addiction team relies on a custom therapy program for each patient which includes behavioral therapies, group and individual counseling, and Motivational Enhancement Therapy to assist with your recovery process.

Our facility is unique because we can also provide help for your chronic pain problems. We believe that professional healthcare for addiction must address any underlying issues that contribute to your addictive behaviors. We want you to leave our programs feeling healthy and whole. If acupuncture, art therapy, massage or meditation can help you achieve that goal, then we’ll work to include it in your comprehensive treatment plan.

We help both men and women, and we provide treatment for addictions to alcohol, cocaine, opiates and other substances. Our team customizes the recovery plan for each individual. Some individuals turn to us for medical detox. Others choose our inpatient, partial hospitalization or outpatient therapy. For those who have completed treatment, we continue our support through aftercare programs. Our goal is to provide healthcare-based treatment throughout every step of your addiction recovery process.

You deserve a life that isn’t marked by pain or addiction. A healthcare professional addiction treatment program Texas can help you find freedom. Call now learn about the services that Kemah Palms Recovery Texas provides.

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