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a man feeling sick from experiencing the dangers of binge drinking

Dangers of Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is one of the most common patterns of excessive alcohol use. Unlike heavy drinking, which entails consuming a large amount of alcohol regularly over time, binge drinking is consuming high amounts of alcohol within two hours or less. There are many dangers of binge drinking, including the risk of developing alcohol abuse disorder….

during addiction treatment group participants discuss most commonly abused drugs

Most Commonly Abused Street Drugs

Close to 10% of the United States population has experienced some form of a substance abuse problem. Alcohol and drugs are common in communities across the country. Knowing the most commonly abused drugs can help you identify substance abuse issues in yourself or a loved one. In turn, this can help you find appropriate treatment…

What is Step 10 of the 12 Step Program?

Step 10 of the 12 Steps: We continued to take personal inventory, and, when we were wrong, promptly admitted it. Like it or not, recovery from addiction isn’t something you can do once and cross off your bucket list. We all get hungry again after eating, tired again after sleeping, dirty again after showering, flabby…

people hugging in therapy, overcoming codependency

Overcoming Codependency in Addiction Recovery

Has someone told you that you’re codependent, or do you suspect that you might have this problem? The chances are that you do if you are looking into it. Overcoming codependency is essential in having successful relationships and preventing relapses if you are seeking treatment for substance abuse. Overcoming Codependency and Addiction Codependency and addiction are…