Non-12 Step Rehab Program in Houston

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Non-12 Step Rehab Program

There are many different ways to approach addiction recovery treatment.

While many rehab centers use the 12-step program in their treatment, it isn’t the only way to address addiction. A non-12 step rehab center in Kemah, TX, offers a less spiritual approach to treatment.

12-step programs focus on turning to a “higher power” to find relief and guidance from addiction. A non-12 step program in Texas places the focus on their clients’ physical health and recovery from substance abuse.

Though there are many supporters for the 12 step approach

Approach to addiction recovery, a non-12 step program is as effective. A non-12 step rehab facility often takes a more secular or scientific approach to recovery.

While the 12-step formula has proven to be successful, everyone needs a recovery program that will meet their individual needs. A non-12 step approach breaks the mold of using the same 12- step formula to heal addiction. With an experienced staff of medical professionals, the right non-12 step facility will create a treatment plan designed for your specific needs.

Addiction can end. Don’t spend another day trying to fight addiction on your own. Contact Kemah Palms today to learn about the many addiction recovery options we offer.

Non Religious 12 Step Program for Addiction

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