Outpatient Treatment programs

Hospitalization (PHP)

Upon successful completion of a residential treatment program, we offer a step down for our clients to the PHP level of care. This resembles a part-time job in its time commitment. PHP involves 20 hours of treatment per week, usually spread over 5 days. The length of the program can vary, often ranging from several weeks to a few months based on individual progress and needs. PHP is comprised of comprehensive assessments, medical supervision, therapeutic activities, groups and holistic treatments.

Intensive Outpatient
Program (IOP)

IOP is a structured treatment program that is less intensive than PHP and requires multiple sessions per week, often for 3 hours each session spread over three to four days per week. The time commitment is minimal, which allows patients to live at home and continue working or attending school. This offers flexibility while still delivering a high level of care. In IOP, we work on individual, group and 12 step attendance along with educational sessions and skill-building activities.

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